Matevž Kos started publishing his works in the early 1990s. Soon he established himself as one of the shrewdest Slovenian literary critics. He has already published several literary selections from his critics. This selection is limited to 50 critics, i.e. reflections, referring to non-fiction works published in the period between 1993 and 2013. What is special about this book, apart from its rather provocative title, is the fact it covers writings of various authors whose works belong to a wide range of approaches. The book, from one example to another, really tells a history of the 20th century Slovenia, and even a little longer, whereas its author does not fancy himself as standing way above this world but as being very much inside and involved although he does keep his distance when commenting. Therefore this is a book about various contributions to more recent Slovenian cultural history as it has been uncovered by its classics such as Josip Vidmar, Edvard Kocbek and Božo Vodušek, then by authors like Jože Pučnik, Taras Kermauner, Tine Hribar, Drago Jančar or Slavoj Žižek, and all the way to author’s contemporaries. Kos writes about lead figures of Slovenia in the 20th (and 21st) centuries, while simultaneously he is writing the very history himself through his dialogue, critical and/or polemic discourses in the name of democratic criticism. Most likely because we have no other. This is also a tale told in the book “On the Mishap of Being Slovenian”, telling us about mishaps and hardships not necessarily being exclusively Slovenian.