Poet Goran Gluvić has published four collections of poetry, all of them met with great success, in which he spoke in a particular poetic way. Each of the collections brought new and fresh poetic charges.
The same goes for the last collection, Steps in the Rain. Through a conglomerate of various poetic forms, from a classical sonnet to a simple song-like poems, he expressed his views of the contemporary world and the space of a human of our days; a space of a primarily own body and soul as a core and a point of breaking. New poetic thinking is expressed through words in a new and utterly independent manner: as if through past memories and ironic thinking a certain distress due to human powerlessness in contemporary, real world is expressed. A human and its existence are frozen solid from scepticism in the wild pace of the world, thus, amid the wavering of helplessness, a poet discerns an island, in the irrational yet emotional horizon, a potential of salvation – love. Certain immanent scepticism did not vanish from erotic ecstasy and chosen pleasures of the poet: if not otherwise, it is clearly visible in renouncing comical, auto-ironic approaches; a certain amount of ecstasy is embedded in the real grounds of auto-reflection.
It is in real sense modern, open poetry, appropriated for a certain circle of readers who tend to avoid contemporary poetry over its deep diving into the depths of hermeneutical layers of the language. This is poetry for hedonists of aesthetics, for those who are partial to sceptic auto-reflection, humour, paradox, wittiness. In other words, poetry fully immersed into the contemporary times, critical and open-minded when it comes to the past and thus anchored into the descendents of Slovenian poetic heritage of past decades.