A book by Dean Komel titled „Conteporarities“ is featured by the overlap of different scopes of philosophical speeches and discourses: scientific, non-fictional, dialogical and artistic. The basic purpose is to determine multi-aspectual experience of the contemporariness of nowadays where the philosophy itself becomes non-contemporary. The feature of non-contemporariness needs to be interpreted from the very modes of world actualisation today. It is exactly the multitude of worldlinesses of the world that brings forward the moment of the contemporariness in its draft and depreciation. The dual perception of the draft and the depreciation is the fundamental mode of author’s approach when it comes to phenomenological description or hermeneutical interpretation that are, thus, non one-directional but often occurring into different directions. The author refers to it in the introduction by drafting the self, and also in the epilogue which he dedicates to the philosophical discourse on the topics he outlines in this book. The philosophy must not disregard opposites for they are the key of comprehension – not to fully decipher it but to consider its mystery. The manner in which the contemporariness is spread between the historical and the future expresses a significantly different touch in terms of what it is today, incorporating other options, or in other words, not only what is now but also what will is to be in the meantime, thus providing the time and space for comprehension. The contemporariness is not the touch with the time only in terms what follows and what in that respect is simultaneous and time-appropriate. If the contemporariness gives a name to that what is today on the turning point of the past and the upcoming, it does not solely create a single time mode but only its horizontal touching point in time that just is. The contemporariness means comprehensive acquiring of battles and time.