Essays by Aleš Berger were written over the period from 1989 to 2010 when the author was a grantee as a translator for the French language in Arles, France. On several occasions the author worked at the International Centre for Literary Translators where he translated works of acclaimed French authors into Slavonic languages. “Croquis from Arles” are multi-layered essays encompassing three thematic collections. The first one covers the period when the Berlin Wall fell down and the subsequent political events, including the time of Yugoslavia breaking up and Slovenia becoming an independent country and later joining the EU. The second collection is dedicated to translating and comprises a comprehensive study into the theory and practice of translating, whereas the third one is dedicated to literary reflections fraught with intimate atmosphere. The book comprises a selection from two other books by Aleš Berger – “Notes from Arles” and “A Cupboard in the Cellar” – which the author compiled especially for Croatian edition and where he gathered all of his reflections tied to Arles.