Vinko Ošlak – GO AND SEARCH

Vinko Ošlak, born in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, in 1947, started writing already in his childhood, and soon afterwards he was translating from English and Esperanto, and later from German. He has been writing in Slovenian, Esperanto and partly in German. The most comprehensive part of his work are the journals he started writing in Slovenian, but has lately switched to Esperanto. All that material has yielded only two books in Slovenian and one in Esperanto. He has issued over 40 books translated into Slovenian, Esperanto and Croatian, and as many translated from English, German and Esperanto. His beginnings were in poetry, whereas later he switched to essays, prose and philosophical and theological works. His first collection of poetry, Seismographer of Emotions, was published in 1997 by Obzorje. His second collection, Go and Search, was never published in Slovenian language apart from several poems published in magazines and on the radio, but was completely published by Publishing House Lara in 2012, in Croatian translation by Ksenija Premur. In 2020 the same collection was published bilingually, in Slovenian original and translation by Ksenija Premur. The feature of Ošlak’s literature in terms of the content, regardless its literary genre, is what’s called “searching for God” in Russian literature. In terms of style Ošlak’s poetry features the commitment to the message over the form, poetic figurativeness in his prose, method of the paradox as a route to the synthesis closing to reality in his essays, while his journals feature revelation of the meaning of small scenes, events and superficially irrelevant people taking a stroll between ‘the home and the world’. Vinko Ošlak has been living and working in Klagenfurt, Austria, with his family since 1982.