The Night Drive to Jerusalem. Selected Poems 1964–2018 is a collection of poems by the Slovenian writer, poet, translator and publicist Lev Detela, who emigrated to Austria in the 1960s. The collection is divided into eight chapters that are analogous to the titles of already published poetry collections: Childhood Misfits, Moving Into the World, Unhappy Communications, The Period of Energetic Madness, The Fire of All Things, Fate, The Italian Journey, and The Night Ride to Jerusalem. This collection provides an overview of a wide and long-standing poetic opus, providing insight into the development and evolution of the poet’s works in terms of style and content. Lev Detela successfully managed to separate himself from his contemporaries with his unconventional style that resists tradition and promises each reader a unique and interesting experience. At the content level, the poet embarks on a very demanding endeavor and at the same time manages to capture the general problems of the human condition and humanity itself, but also the specific context and problems of Slovenian society from which his art originated. A rich thematic range will allow each reader to find a new view of the world for themselves and within themselves.