Promise Land is a new collection of poems by Lev Detela, a poet and a writer, born in Maribor in 1939, who has lived for over half a century mostly in Vienna, while writing in both Slovenian and German languages. The author has been granted multiple literary awards, and some of his works have been translated into numerous languages. Promise Land is divided into nine independent parts. Audience is introduced into the collection through Postcards from two Homelands, indicating the duality of Detela’s experience of being torn between Slovenia, where he was born, and his adopted homeland of Austria, and the world. The collection works as a comprehensive whole despite touching different topics and contents occurring on author’s numerous journeys throughout the sunswept Mediterranean, to the Northern Africa, to Mount Sinai or to the Canary Islands, as well as the contradictions of his experiences in warm Greece or Egypt, on one side, and snow covered countryside in Czech Republic along the river Vltava, on the other. His feelings from those journeys is what the author transformed into poems which is a fundamental drive of his whole poetic creation. Egyptian rhapsody is a cycle of poems, particularly comprehensive and interesting in terms of history and culture, and fraught with innumerate notes on ancient pharaohs and contemporary social aspects of troubled Egypt. Detela’s lyrical narratives, with immense existential connotations in added notes, reveal almost encyclopaedic framework of significant historical essays and cognitions. This is especially featured in the cycle Los Volcanos about the Atlantic, volcano-struck island of Lanzarote in 1730, and even more so in the titling poem Promise Land. The whole collection won the first prize in the literary competition by a magazine MLADIKA from Trieste. In this exceptionally spiritual poem the author clearly and vocally reaches into the contemporary issues of terrorism, civil wars and related emigration crises endangering the peaceful development of the world. The poem was created upon visiting the Christian monastery of Saint Catherine’s under Moses’ mountain of Mount Sinai.