The book Theory of Translation is a master’s thesis by the author Ksenija Premur, a degree she received in 1997 from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, Department for Slavic Languages. This work is a thorough and multi-layered study into the fundamental problems of the theory of translation. Starting with the treatise about the relationship between general and individual approaches of the theory of translation resulting in deductive (general, universal) and inductive (individual, empirical) approaches, the author introduces the debate on the types and forms, along with the models of translation. This work elaborates oral and written translations, as well as translation of fiction and scientific texts, which covers the whole range of practices. The problems of translation are given a thorough break-down of the main categories of translation at a level of a general theory, and a worked-out comprehensive overview of the relationship between theoretical and empirical, down to practical, communication, stylistic and textual models of translation. Furthermore, special principles of oral and written translation were elaborated and given individual chapter in the thesis about the theory of translation. The treatise is immersed into an interdisciplinary grid spreading the discussion on the theory of translation from sociological, psychological, linguistic and literary aspects.