Ksenija Premur – LAO TSE

In modo of “soft thinking” with her work “Lao Tse” Ksenija Premur slides into the circle of perennial thinking and through it she gives an overview of Chinese philosophical contemplation in fragments, but also accesses the “opposing field” feeling deeply the “futility” of such approach and quite rightly turns to taking the original texts. In this work on spiritual tradition of Daoism, she, in absolutely brilliant way, philosophically hermeneutisises basic elements of Dao-spirituality and spreads out a new and fresh approach which articulates the possibility of not only re-reading and re-comprehending but also a conjecture of life. With her work on Daoism and translations of the ancient texts Ksenija Premur has excellently brought the topic closer to the readers. In the comment section of this masterly translated work Dao De Jing, whose publication was critically created through a comparison of a number of previous translations of this fundamental piece of Chinese spirituality, the author is attempting to widen and deepen the insight into Dao – an ultimate cosmic principle – and compare it to other Far Eastern philosophical traditions in the axial stage of philosophy. The author is among the rare ones in our academic environment who, while continuously and scientifically correctly dealing with the topic, has been publishing works with the translations of the original texts. The book Lao Tse was published with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.