Jadran Zalokar, philosophical author and explorer of spiritual traditions of the East and the West, has endeavoured for over twenty years to articulate the fundamental traits of spiritual phenomena of our time. In the context of considerations of a planetary polilogue, through series of lectures since 1990, he has been systematically deliberating diverse spiritual topics. In a very complex area of contemporary spiritual directions, he primarily discusses the issues related to spiritual upbringing, zen and tantra. What is significant is that the theoretical discourse stems from practical spiritual experience and sheds light on the hidden components of those spiritual realms of existence.
In polilogue openness, Jadran Zalokar tries to harmonize the philosophical modus of understanding with the life of a spiritual practitioner. Philosophical mind is incorporated into the dimension of spiritual perfecting and serves for the revival/living of the perennial in real life. Spiritual aspirations and intentions towards higher life also carry a philosophical pars with them. Spiritual “themes” are very current today and are very differently discussed from different levels of consciousness and degrees of spirituality. Appreciation of plurimodality and complexity of spiritual worldviews and modes of spirituality, according to the author, is the sign of the very spirituality of the new age.