The philosophy is trying to explain human reality. What deserves the most prominent place in such a reality is what is so typically human – the language and the thought. That road was leading towards anti-naturalistic philosophical viewpoints. This book by Prof.Matjaž Potrč is trying to upgrade these viewpoints in a naturalistic way. How far can an inclination towards the preference of objects help interpret the language and the thought? The initial thesis claims the language and the thought are dependent on the objects. Supporting evidences and materials have been gathered to argue for the cause, leading to peculiar viewpoints in the philosophy of the spirit, perception and action. The stress is on the perceptive action. This goes about the intention, the modularity, the distinction and collaboration between the perception and the cognition, the scarcity and profusion of stimuli, the information and deception, the functionalism, the realism and the content. The thought was given the priority before the language, while the associated acting perceived objects were given priority before the thought.