The book “Dynamic Philosophy” by professor Matjaž Potrč, PhD, in an appealing way features significant topics from the philosophy of the language and the thought relating to human environment and human activities. Philosophical themes are intertwined with the topics from the psychology and artificial intelligence, with the focus being on the epistemology, including the psychology of knowledge, and the computer models of spirituality in its classical form and connectivity. The language and the thought are outlined as the fundamental in human activity focusing on the objects as given by the environment. The object is determined as something within the reach of human activity and therefore within human comprehension. The thought focuses on objects and covers a scope ranging from middle-dimensional goods to abstract images of objects. Objects are not given as static but as emerging in the active environment of actions. The dynamics leads to comprehending them. The book features topics of memorising, errors, information, modularity, cognition, causal theory, scarcity and ampleness of stimuli, inner states, functionality, realism, syntax, wholeness, content and relations.