Ksenija Premur – WHO IS ROGER MOORE

Chat rooms were part of a virtual world. That virtual world, however, revealed a lot about the true reality although it was, as the main character Nela realised over a period of time, completely fictional and fake and everything opposing the true image of the world. Nela started wondering what virtual reality really was – was it a mixture of each and every part there was, as she rendered them in her arabesques and mosaics, of all pieces and bits of human experience shaping up from various perspectives into a single, unique image. Nela thought the virtual world was probably made of such pieces of realty flowing from the real into the virtual, but never really able to completely disguise the virtual. Therefore virtual reality did not really exist itself. There was only a transformation of reality into virtuality through the filter of the untouchable. That was what deeply interested Nela, the virtual reality where we only, regardless what true reality is, what we feel it like, what we touch or smell or observe it like – these being also present – hypostatized into the world that isn’t, yet very much is, regarding everything that takes place right in that virtual world which, if it were merged with the reality, sometimes reflects true images, sometimes however the reverse side thereof, an image between the reality and virtuality.