Ksenija Premur – TWO STORIES

The world we live in is only one, yet the variety of experiences gives us thrills with their uniqueness, singularities and non-repetitiveness. This book brings two short stories – Bistro Gala and Letters to Milan – both witnesses to this profound individuality and non-repetitive versatility of human destinies and life paths. While Bistro Gala features a certain dose of irony and humour and introduces us to a small coastal town life and its inhabitants, the story Letters to Milan brings existential fate of life stories of two characters – a woman and a man, both middle-aged, who reveal most intimate details of their difficult daily lives. This work by the author Ksenija Premur is a masterly creation, lucidly and vividly witnessing to the world and times we live in, we all share and where we are distinguished in the myriad of destinies. This work is an excellent immersion into two worlds – one featuring a closed world of a small-town living where everybody knows everybody, where Bistro Gala is the meeting point of all the inhabitants, from the early morning coffee to the late night binge, while the other, Letters to Milan, features a complete opposite, an intimate world of a discourse on the deepest questions of life, and points to the existential and intimate environment the story was set into.