Ksenija Premur – OBSESSION

In the network of contemporary communications, behind the computer screens, people all over the world are seeking for a myriad of things, some, or maybe even many of them, are trying to fulfil their secret, most profound and most intimate wishes, desires and failed life dreams. Thus the novel Ā«ObsessionĀ» introduces the reader into such a world, existing in a chat-room, with invisible, virtual threads connecting people hundreds, even thousands of kilometres apart in real lives. The virtual world is enchanting with the illusion of intimacy and almost tangible connection between the two main characters, Lidija from Croatia and Menelik from the Netherlands, which in real life eventually has a tragic, fatal ending. This novel discloses a virtual dialogue and the world of fiction and illusion dramatically shattering relentless borders of reality where it reaches its utter breakdown. The book was published with the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture.