In this work titled The Disclosure of Being. On the differentiation between hermeneutical phenomenology and philosophical anthropology, which was first published in Slovenian language some twenty years ago, the author Dean Komel contemplates over issues of hermeneutically based critics of philosophical anthropology which greatly determined the development of the school of phenomenology. Generally speaking philosophical treatise of the humanity is nowadays prevented by the realisation of its techno-scientific manipulation having no regards for the purpose of its being. The issue of the idea of philosophical anthropology, having seen it from that point of view, is not only one of many contemporary philosophical problems, but it also depicts the critical position of the philosophy today and a human “in” today. Recognizing the disclosure of being as a riddle of ourselves, Dean Komel sets the question of the boundaries of the philosophical anthropology. In what sense do we talk about the boundaries of a philosophical discipline dealing with the essence of a human? Are there more than one or does it come eventually to a single one remaining unrecognized as such, thus inducing limitless anthropodicy of the whole being? And what if a today’s human is no more capable of enduring the disclosure of being, and gradually keeps caring less for one’s own relationship with the Whole?