Branko Pihač – ORION

This book is the first topic short story collection by Branko Pihač containing stories of classical SF subjects as emerged with SF genre in the literature. Although these stories are mostly from author’s earlier stages, they are already showing his signature style he has kept in his stories of other SF sub-genres; it is a classical balance between structural elements of a story, strong polarisation of characters, detailing significantly contributing to the general atmosphere and skilful plot outlining thus keeping readers’ attention in upward curve and leading towards a non-frivolous resolution. Along with explanations of scientific elements which in the form of technical discoveries are frequently the carriers of his stories, the author goes beyond into psychological analyses and philosophical speculations bordering onto scientific essays. Adding the predictions of some technological achievements almost becoming a reality today, accomplished dialogues of his characters and almost inevitable moralities particularly characterising this part of author’s work, this collection is deservedly part of Croatian SF anthology.